Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week in Pictures #1

So this week has had it's ups and downs, luckily more ups. Over last weekend we decided to replace the old gross carpet in my bedroom. I basically went to the store, found the softest carpet and it was done. When we moved all of the stuff our of my room the cat decided she wanted to sleep in one of my dresser drawers.

I also had a bit of a grumpy cat on my hands, she refuses to leave my room ever since I redid it.

A typical PA spring/summer consists of road work and thunderstorms.

Had a nice trip to Sheetz, decided to give this stuff a go. I also picked up some Sour Patch Kids flavored gum, which was sadly not sour at all.

Overall, this week was pretty successful, I can only hope that next week is the same.

How was your week?

xo, Sara

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